On behalf of the Governor and the Arizona Department of Veterans Services (ADVS), the Unified Arizona Veterans (UAV) established the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame (AVHOF). Those veterans selected for this special recognition have honorably served their country through military service and also their fellow man through deeds and accomplishments outside the military.

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame was created by the UAV, a consortium of 50+ veterans organizations.  The UAV is open to representation from all veterans organizations throughout Arizona.  Our very own AZ MOAA Chapter member, Webb Ellis, was the team leader who spearheaded the efforts and began formulating Arizona’s Veterans Hall of Fame to recognize men and women from all eras, all branches of service, and all walks of life.  The inaugural induction ceremony, held on May 30, 2001, recognized 26 Medal of Honor recipients with Arizona ties, 13 of those being prior to Statehood in 1912, and 24 other distinguished Arizona veterans.  Each year, a new selection committee consisting of veterans drawn from the member organizations of the UAV recommends inductees to the AVHOF from nominations solicited from all veterans  organizations and citizens of Arizona.

Chapter Awardees

As of Veterans Day, 11 Nov 2019, thirty four (34) members of the Arizona Chapter MOAA have been inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame. Excluding the 37 Medal of Honor recipients of the 433 inductees to date, the Arizona Chapter MOAA represents 8.6 percent of the 396 veterans so honored for their civic achievements and/or volunteer efforts outside the military. Of the approximately 600,000 veterans currently living in Arizona, only one in 25,000 will be so honored for selection to be inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame each year.

Class of 2021 (no photo)

  • Lt. Colonel Christine Verchot, USAF Retired
  • Lt. Colonel Jim Cullison, USAF Retired

Class of 2019 (no photo)

  • Colonel Thomas E. “Tom” Sheets, USMC Retired
  • Ms. Paula L. Pedene, Spouse, Disabled USN Veteran

Class of 2018 (no photo)

  • Lt. Colonel Raymond E. “Ray” Boucher, USAF Retired
  • Colonel Lee F. Lange II, USMC Retired

Class of 2016 (no photo)

  • Colonel Jeanne J. Blaes, USA Retired
  • Colonel Robert E. “Rob” Welch,?USA Retired

Class of 2015 (no photo)

  • Colonel John Ady, USA Retired
  • Colonel William Glen “Bill” Roscher, USA Retired

Class of 2014

  • Captain Daniel M. Conway, USCG Retired
  • Captain Paul L. Schnur, MD, USA (former)

Class of 2013

  • Colonel Ronald R. Green, USAF Retired
  • Colonel Gene H. Rafanelli, USA Retired

Class of 2012

  • Colonel Ronald J. Perkins, USAF Retired

Class of 2011

  • Colonel H. Rance Farrell, USA Retired
  • Brigadier General R. Gregg Maxon, USA Retired

Class of 2010

  • Colonel Webb W. Ellis, USA Retired
  • Colonel Gary W. Fredricks, USAF Retired
  • Lt. Colonel Jeannine Carol Dahl, USA Retired

Class of 2009

  • Captain William C. Jenkins, USN Retired
  • Major General Carl G. Schneider, USAF?Retired

Class of 2008

  • Brigadier General R. Thomas Browning, USAF Retired

Class of 2007

  • Captain Carol C. Culbertson, USN Retired
  • Colonel Charles H. “Chuck” Schluter, USA Retired

Class of 2006

  • Colonel Richard A. Colson, USA Retired
  • Lieutenant James C. Seidl, USCG Retired
  • Colonel A. Park Shaw Jr., USA Retired

Class of 2005

  • Major Mike Gannon, USAF Retired
  • Colonel Richard “Dick” Minor, USA Retired

Class of 2004

  • Lieutenant JG Jesse Gersten, USN (former)

Class of 2002

  • Lt. Colonel Thomas C. Smith, USMC Retired
  • Lt. Commander Terry J. Tassin, USN Retired
  • Lt. Colonel William K. Toy, USA Retired

Class of 2001

  • Senator Barry Goldwater, Major General, USAF Retired
  • Lt. Colonel Walter W. “Bill” Thompson, USAF Retired
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