In April 2020 the Arizona MOAA Chapter received a grant of $3750 from the MOAA Foundation that is designed for chapter member volunteer participation in a project involving four non-profit organizations. Due to the pandemic this project was split into three smaller projects to minimize numbers of participants.

On July 29th the first of those projects took place between Youth for Troops, Veterans First Ltd, and our MOAA Arizona Chapter. With the assistance of students from Youth for Troops who set up the materials, five members from the Arizona MOAA Chapter filled 40 backpacks that are focused on two groups: 2nd & 3rd grades and 4th, 5th, & 6th grades. These backpacks were then delivered to the Veterans First Ltd. office where they will be given to children of single moms with kids and also a few males that are single dads. There are many families where the mom or dad or sometimes both are veterans as well as a couple of Gramma’s who are veterans and who have adopted their grandkids.

Joan Sisco, USMC Veteran and Founder/CEO of Veterans First Ltd. told us “Parents are so very grateful for the support in providing backpacks, it takes away one stressor for them making their lives a little easier.  With the situation we are in now it even makes it more important to be able to supply the backpacks, and we could not provide them without partnering with organizations like MOAA that make it a mission to enhance the lives of veterans and their families.”

Two more projects remain on August 19th and September 16th.

Ready for deliver

Delivering to Veterans First Ltd. for veteran single parents with kids