August 19, 2020

In April 2020 the Arizona MOAA Chapter received a grant of $3750 from the MOAA Foundation that is designed for chapter member volunteer participation in a project involving four non-profit organizations. Due to the pandemic this project was split into three smaller projects to minimize numbers of participants per project.

On July 29th the first of those projects took place between Youth for Troops, Veterans First Ltd, and the MOAA Arizona Chapter. With the assistance of students from Youth for Troops who set up the materials, five members from the Arizona MOAA Chapter filled 40 backpacks which were then delivered to the Veterans First Ltd. office where they will be given to children of single moms with kids and also a few males that are single dads.

On August 19th the second project took place between Youth for Troops, U.S. Vets Phoenix, the James Walton Home and the MOAA Arizona Chapter.

U.S. Vets Phoenix provides for a successful transition of military veterans and their families through the provision of housing, counseling, career development and comprehensive support. We delivered 8 baskets and 8 laundry bags full of cleaning supplies, condiments, personal hygiene items, and toweling to their offices. Lisa Lozano, Coordinator for Supportive Services for Veterans Families at U.S. Vets said “We are limited in the items we can provide for veterans moving into an apartment and what MOAA provided will fill that gap.” She is extremely appreciative of the partnership with MOAA and is looking forward to working with us in the future.

The James Walton Home is part of Project Veterans Pride that provides transitional housing and resources to homeless veterans so that they can get back their honor, dignity, and pride. Helping those who served to protect our nation. We delivered a significant amount of much needed kitchen/bathroom paper toweling products, cleaning supplies, and bathroom cloth toweling directly to the home. Darwin Lawson, Home Manager, said our support provides “immediate impact to help the 20 homeless and disabled veterans at the home get back on their feet”.

Arizona MOAA Chapter and Youth for Troops finished filling 16 baskets/laundry bags

MOAA delivering supplies to the James Walton Home

MOAA delivering baskets/bags to U.S. Vets Phoenix