Revisiting “Do You Need an Emotional Boost Today?”

by Tom Sheets

I initially wrote this blog on April 9th. On that day we thought things were really bad in our Country as we hit 14,808 deaths from COVID-19, unemployment was rising, and the economy was heading downward. Little did we know that was just the beginning.

Today the COVID-19 death count is at 450,823 and mutated variants around the world threaten to make things even worse. We just completed the 46th straight week with record-setting new unemployment claims. Many businesses have closed, never to reopen, and many more are struggling to survive until better times—whenever that may be.

Mental health crises are on the rise. The Phoenix Police Department tells us that aggravated assault and homicides rose 25% in 2020. Many of those who have been fortunate enough to keep their jobs are working from home and our schools are struggling to get and keep our children in school. Vaccines have been developed but we can’t distribute them quickly enough.

Could you use another emotional boost to face today? Please take 4 minutes and 31 seconds and listen to retired Navy Veteran Evangelo Morris speak for Old Glory. It will not make all our problems go away. But it will make you feel better and more ready to do what you have to do to survive and thrive. It will remind you that our Country has been through hell many times throughout our history survived to rise and flourish again. Afterwards, let us think and talk about how we can work together to meet the challenges of these difficult personal and economic times.

If you liked this, please share it, pass it on, tell others about it, and face today feeling a little better.