1987 Commander Bernard Riedel, U. S. Navy, retired


Commander Bernard Riedel, Jr., United States Navy, retired, was born in Massachusetts during 1936.  Upon his graduation from the University of Massachusetts, he joined the United States Navy on the 15th of September, 1958, serving 21 years.

CDR Riedel served aboard the USS Trutta as the XO.

After graduating from Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island on 1 May 1958 as an Ensign, Commander Riedel served aboard two fleet oilers, first in Long Beach, California, then in Baltimore, Maryland.  He was selected for submarine training in New London (Groton), Connecticut, graduating in June of 1961.  Between June 1961 and July 1972, Bernie served aboard three submarines, his last being the USS Trutta as its Executive Officer.

CDR Riedel in 1976

After serving on his first submarine, the USS Sarda, Commander Riedel was selected to attend the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, California.  In July 1966 Bernie earned a Masters Degree in Management.  Upon graduation, Commander Riedel was assigned to the USS Cobbler out of New London, Connecticut.

In January 1968, Bernie was assigned to the staff of the Commander, Submarine Force, Atlantic in Norfolk, Virginia.  In February 1970 he was assigned as Executive Officer of his last submarine, the USS Trutta.  Bernie was then selected to be the Submarine Liaison Officer to the Air Test & Evaluation Squadron One located in Key West, Florida.  Bernie served on flight status as an air technical observer for anti-submarine warfare research and development.

CDR Riedel, skipper of the USS Mauna Kea

Commander Riedel then served aboard the supply ship USS Niagara Falls as the Executive Officer in the Vietnam War.  In August 1976, Bernie became the Commanding Officer of the USS Mauna Kea, an ammunition ship based out of Concord, California.  The chronological list of Commander Riedel’s assignment and promotions follows:

  • Enlisted for Officer Candidate School (OCS), 15 Sep 1958
  • OCS – Newport, ?RI, Jan 59 ? Apr 59
  • 1 May 1959 – commissioned as Ensign
  • USS CIMARRON, AO22, Long Beach, CA, Sep 59,  Sep 60
  • USS CHIPOLA, AO63, Baltimore, MD, Oct 60 ? Dec 60
  • Lieutenant JG,  1 NOV 1960
  • NAVSUBSCOL (Navy Submarine School), New London, CT, Jan 61,  Jun 61
  • USS SARDA, SS488, New London, CT, Jun 61 ? Jun 64
  • Lieutenant, 1 MAY 1963
  • NAVPGSCOL (Navy Post Graduate School), Monterey, CA, Aug 64,  Jul 66
  • USS COBBLER, SS344, New London, CT, Aug 66,  Dec 67
  • Lieutenant Commander, 1 NOV 1967
  • COMSUBLANT Staff (Commander, Submarine Force, Atlantic), Norfolk, VA, Jan 68,  Feb 70
  • XO, USS TRUTTA, SS421, Key West, FL, Feb 70,  Jul 72
  • AIRTEVRON ONE (Air Test & Evaluation Squadron One) VX1, Key West, FL / Patuxent River, MD, Aug 72,  Dec 73
  • Commander, 1 MAY 1974
  • XO, USS NIAGARA FALLS, AFS3, Oakland, CA, Dec 73,  Jul 76
  • CO, USS MAUNA KEA, AE22, Concord, CA, Aug 76,  Jul 78
  • CO, NAVCRUITDIST (Navy Recruiting District), Omaha, NE, Sep 78,  Dec 79

Commander Riedel retired from the United States Navy on the 31st of December, 1979.  Upon his retirement, Bernie went to work for the Digital Equipment Corporation.  Digital subsequently transferred him to their plant in Tempe, Arizona.  He and his wife, Marjorie, settled in Tempe where Bernie served as our 33rd President during 1987.