Our Scrapbook

LTC Frank Birtciel, USAF Ret.

Our Chapter Events Scrapbook provides our members a historical record of recent and past activities. Our chapter owes many thanks to our longstanding member and former historian, LtCol Frank Birtciel, USAF Ret. This Events Scrapbook reflects his tireless effort and commitment to our chapter.

Three other members are also worthy of mention for their fine efforts at perserving our history, Dan Conway, Terry Tassin, and Jim Cullison. Yet, their efforts would not be appreciated were it not for the person who brought it all together for everyone to see anytime they wanted to. All anyone has to do is turn on their computer, and go to our website, thanks to the efforts of our dedicated former webmaster, Tom Houser. Thanks, Tom, great job!

Many of these events are published in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). To read it, you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. You may have it already installed so first click on the year you want to read. It won’t open if you don?t have Adobe Acrobat. But don’t worry, it’s easy, free and you only have to load it once.

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The Early Years

Our earliest photographic records of the Arizona Chapter date back to 1964 & 1977.

20 Feb 1964 TROA meeting at Luke AFB Officers Club. Seated center in uniform is MajGen B. M. Pochyla, CG USAEPG. On his right are Col & Mrs. Sibert, to his left is LtCol William K. Toy and to Toy’s left is LtGen Frank Fraser. Others are not identified. Please advise the Webmaster if you know them.

Congressman John Rhodes speaking at the 1977 installation of officers.

TROA General Meeting 1977- Installation of chapter officers L to R: WOJG P. E. Childress, USA; Col F. M. Wilking, USA; Capt J. A. Simmons, esq USMC & seated LTC E. J. Sekan. USA.

Recent Years

If you have Acrobat Reader downloaded, simply click on the years below to read the events. Our Scrapbook was discontinued in 2010. For events starting in Jan 2010, please review the issues of The Sentinel. Try the search feature in the right hand column of the Newsroom web page. All photograph links have been disabled on these pages.